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Private childbirth education in Hall County, Nebraska.

dilation, effacement, fetal station, oh my!

You’ve got a lot on your plate these days. Between work, prepping the nursery, and everything else that needs to be done in a day, it can be a lot. 

Now you are nearing the start of your third trimester, and it all feels a little daunting. You’ve got a lot of questions.

let's discover an amazing birth story

We are passionate about walking expecting parents through what to expect during labor, delivery, and postpartum, one step at a time. 

private childbirth education benefits


We focus on giving you the knowledge and hands on skills you need to feel confident and prepared as your due date approaches.


Our Certified Childbirth Educator teaches all of our classes privately with you and your support person in the comfort of your home, on your schedule.


Access free ongoing support via phone or email up to 4 weeks after your due date, and a network of local resources as you begin your journey into parenthood.

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Schedule your class online by clicking the button below, or give us a call at 308-833-0646. 



Within 24 hours of scheduling your class, you’ll receive an email confirming your class.



1 day before your class, you’ll receive a reminder email. At the agreed upon time, the Certified Childbirth Educator will arrive and begin your class.

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