We help expecting parents just like you discover the confidence to create amazing birth stories...

we believe that childbirth education is about more than just listening to lectures about giving birth. You should get to practice comfort techniques and birth positions, and be a part of the conversation. 

All of our classes are taught privately with you and your support person. It’s all about you! We can customize the class to fit you and your family’s unique needs. 

Forgot to ask about something during class? We’ve got you covered with free phone and email support until you are 4 weeks postpartum and access to a wide network of local resources. 

Shannen Mcwhirter, Founder, Certified Childbirth Educator

“Hi, I’m Shannen McWhirter. After the birth of my children, I realized how different a prepared, supported, empowering birth could be. I am passionate about helping expecting parents experience birth the way they want. I studied with Birth Arts International and became a private childbirth educator. I founded Small Miracles Childbirth Education LLC with the mission of helping expecting parents gain the knowledge and the community support they need as they grow their families.”

Serving Hall county, nebraska

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