caring for your newborn

$40 per couple

This 2 hour class covers all of the basic skills and information you need to care for your baby during their first weeks at home. 

things we'll talk about...

  • Feeding your baby: looking for cues, how to bottle or breastfeed
  • Calming your baby when they’re upset
  • Keeping your newborn safe (car seat, sleeping)
  • Keeping your baby clean (diapering, bathing)
  • When to call your healthcare provider
  • Adjusting to life as a parent
  • Postpartum Depression, Anxiety, and OCD and how to recognize it
  • Local Resources

what's included?

High quality information based on the latest research, hands on practice of skills, access to a network of local resources to assist in your transition into parenthood, a free workbook (which includes a family plan), and ongoing support via phone or email for 2 weeks after the class.

Serving Hall county, nebraska

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