Considering vbac

The last time you gave birth, whether it was planned or not, ended in a Cesarean delivery. As your due date approaches, you’ve been thinking about your options, but you’ve got a lot of questions.

In this 6 hour series of 2 hour classes, we’ll discuss what the research says about Vaginal Birth After Cesarean and Repeat Cesarean Deliveries, and the tools you need to increase your chances of a successful VBAC.

things we'll talk about...

  • What the current research says about VBAC and whether it is a safe option.
  • What the current research says about Repeat Cesarean Deliveries.
  • Who is a candidate?
  • How to talk to your healthcare provider about a TOLAC (Trial of Labor after a Cesarean).
  • Pain management options.
  • Increasing your chances of a successful VBAC.
  • Local Resources

what's included?

In addition to high quality, evidence based information, you’ll receive a free workbook, access to a network of local resources, and ongoing support from our Certified Childbirth Educator via phone or email until 4 weeks after your due date.

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