confident, prepared childbirth

$160 per couple

This 8 hour series of classes was created to give you the tools you need to advocate for the birth story of your dreams. Our Certified Childbirth Educator will travel to your home and provide private, customized, evidence-based information. 

things we'll talk about...

  • Preparing for Labor (how your body and baby get ready and how to write a birth plan)
  • Progression (how does labor progress, and factors that impact its speed)
  • Natural Comfort Measures (benefits and hands on practice)
  • Pain Management Options 
  • Common Interventions (Induction, Cesarean Birth, and more)
  • Postpartum Recovery
  • Your Newborn (testing, appearance, and basic care)
  • Introducing Breastfeeding

what's included?

In addition to high quality, evidence based childbirth education, you’ll receive a free workbook, access to an extensive network of local resources, and ongoing support from our Certified Childbirth Educator via phone or email.

Serving Hall county, nebraska

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