preparing for cesarean

$60 per couple

This 3 hour class is designed for couples that are planning a Cesarean delivery with their healthcare provider for a variety of reasons. Our Certified Childbirth Educator will walk you through what to expect during your surgery, what recovery will look like, how to write a birth plan, and more.

things we'll talk about...

  • Reasons for a Cesarean Delivery
  • Getting Ready for your Cesarean
  • How is a Cesarean Performed
  • Writing a Birth Plan and Your Options During and After Surgery
  • Recovery
  • Your Support Person’s Role
  • Supporting Breastfeeding After Cesarean
  • Local Resources

what's included?

In addition to high quality, evidence based on the latest research, you’ll receive a free workbook, access to an extensive network of local resources, and ongoing support from our Certified Childbirth Educator via phone or email.

Serving Hall county, nebraska

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